Product: Horizontal


The UN-600H ultra narrow Horizontal Machining Center is designed for high volumn applications and is more productive per unit of floor space than conventional machining centers. Multiple machines can be orientated in a line or cell and intergrated with optional Mazak supplied automation for mass production applications. High speed spindles accelerate to top speeds in just 0.55 seconds, and perform synchronized tapping at 8,000 rpm, features that insure maximun productivity.


  • 20,000 rpm spindles
  • Extremely fast rapid traverse speeds
  • 20-tool storage capacities, 30-tool optional
  • Narrow footprint - several can be stacked in a row
  • Large maintenance panel with easy access
  • Multiple machines may be tended by one robot


Specification Values
下载能力 托盘尺寸 400 mm / 15.740 in
最大工件直径 400 mm / 15.740 in
最大工件高度 500 mm / 19.690 in
主轴 主轴锥度 30
最大转速 20000 rpm
电机功率 (15 分钟额定) 8 kw / 10.0 hp
刀库 刀具数量 20
进给轴 dafa(X轴) 510 mm / 20.08 in
dafa(Y轴) 400 mm / 15.74 in
dafa(Z轴) 380 mm / 14.96 in